Since 1984, the 70 Series Toyota Land Cruiser has proven itself time and time again to be the world’s benchmark in the field of heavy duty off-road vehicle platforms. Originally designed for extreme commercial applications within the mining communities of Southern Africa and Australasia, the 70 Series Land Cruiser has evolved to find a home in military communities around the globe.

Specter Systems specializes in design, engineering, and manufacture of vehicle enhancements for Special Operations Forces worldwide. With superior survivability, performance, and long-term durability, Specter has engineered an array of enhancements to what is widely regarded as the world’s most robust off-road platform.

To further enhance the already rugged off-road capabilities and heavy load bearing dynamics of this platform, Specter Systems has custom engineered specific upgrades that will significantly improve not only engine performance but drivability and dramatically increase life cycle.

Stepping out from conventional methods, Specter Systems has developed proprietary performance solutions for the Toyota 70 Series family of vehicles. The Specter vehicles have been designed and engineered to provide unmatched performance, superior survivability, and maximized sustainability. Armored to level BR6, the Specter vehicle passenger capsule keeps those inside safe from initial life threats, while the power train provides them on demand means to proceed or escape. No one has offered such a program before with this level of security. Every aspect of the vehicle has been analyzed and reconfigured with today’s mission in mind.

The Engine Performance Upgrade Package more than doubles the Horsepower to the flywheel vs. stock performance.  This added performance overcompensates for the added weight of armoring and leaves the overall performance of the vehicle unmatched in today’s armoring world.

The Torque is also significantly increased from the upgrades, and provides the vehicle with incredible takeoff, climbing, towing, and pushing capacity.

The Specter Automatic Heavy Duty 5 Speed Transmission provides on demand access to power. It also allows the driver to work important secondary systems, like communications and navigation, while traversing the most enduring terrain.

The upgraded system reduces internal heat, minimizes wear, increases fuel economy, line pressure, and downhill engine braking capacity.

  • Vehicle Options:
    • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab 4.2 Turbo Diesel Auto Trans LHD or RHD
    • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Single Cab 4.2 Turbo Diesel Auto Trans LHD or RHD
    • Toyota Land Cruiser 76 4.2 Turbo Diesel Auto Trans LHD or RHD
  • Engine Performance Upgrades:
    • Turbo Kit
    • Intercooler
    • Exhaust System
    • Oil Cooler
    • Aneroid (Boost Compensator) for Toyota 70 Series
    • Snorkel for Toyota 70 Series (Factory replacement)
  • High Performance Automatic Transmission Components:
    • Heavy duty valve body
    • Heavy duty Toyota torque converter
    • Heavy duty bell housing and drive plate assembly
    • Transmission wire harness and controller
    • Integrated Shift lever
    • Genuine Toyota transmission oil cooler
  • Ballistic Protection:
    • Armored Safety Cell, Armored Doors and Transparent Armor to certified level BR6
    • All seams and door openings are overlapped in steel for complete protection.
    • Operable windows in front and rear doors.
    • Machined door hinges with integrated door stops
  • Suspension Upgrades: designed specifically for off road terrain at armored weight.
    • Parabolic leaf springs
    • High performance dampers
    • Sway bars
    • Heavy duty Coil Springs
    • Upgraded hardware
    • Bump stops
    • Chassis reinforcements
  • Upgraded electrical System
    • Duel battery system for emergency backup
    • Upgraded 270 amp alternator to power integrated equipment
    • 110 volt outlets in vehicle cab and rear truck bed
    • High performance mil spec batteries
  • IR lighting and Blackout mode
    • Integrated IR lights for headlights, taillights, and brakes for running in the dark using only IR goggles.
    • Low signature lights integrated into bumper positions
    • Ability to single switch all lights to blackout mode
    • Low iron TA glass for night vision functionality
  • Extended Capacity/Range Fuel Tank
    • Specially designed extra volume fuel tank allows for 190 liters of capacity (vs. 130 litters from OEM)
    • Tank is coated with Safetank application to protect against leakage from gunfire and explosions
    • Coating self seals penetration points up to .50 cal
    • Emergency fuel drain added for easy air transportability requirements
  • Heavy duty brake system – Includes: Upgraded calipers, rotors, pads, braided brake lines and added brake booster.
  • Heavy duty tactical front and rear bumpers with integrated front winch provision.
    • Internal structural steel bumper is integrated behind OEM fascia to conceal vehicle ability.
    • Bumper is designed with the ability to push similar vehicles from roadway without disabling damage to NSCV.
    • 2’ Receiver provision is integrated in front for quick mount of winch.
    • Bumpers have low profile tie down provisions for quick and easy tie down in aircraft
    • Integrated recovery system
  • Skid Plates
    • Underbody plates are designed to protect vehicle at armored weight from snag and tearing of underbody components on the most grueling of terrain.
    • Protection of all main components including
  • Low profile wheels and Run-flat assemblies
    • Hutchinson 2 piece ballistic wheels with bead locks and BF Goodrich KM2 tires. Five (5) per vehicle.
    • Designed for special operations. These wheels are low signature and have the appearance of the OEM wheels they replace.
    • Run flat assemblies allow for travel after tire pressure loss in vehicle tire for over 30 miles at 30 miles per hour.
    • Wheels and Run-flat have also been tested to the BR6 ballistic standard
  • Cooling System – Upgrade cooling system with heavy duty radiator to enable 50% more capacity than OEM model.

We at Specter Systems pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products and solutions. We welcome the opportunity to provide more information or answer any questions on the vehicle solutions offered in this proposal.

All vehicles are subject to US export laws. As such, delivery of vehicles may be contingent upon obtaining the proper US state and government approvals, depending on options and level of armor selected.